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Develops and produces simple and inspiring games for children to enjoy.

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Portobello Games

Established in 2001 by Lucy Baring, Portobello Games develops and produces simple and inspiring games for children to enjoy.


The popular and iconic PlayPlax toy was invented in 1966 by Patrick Rylands. The toy consisted of 48 interlocking, vibrantly coloured squares. It proved to be hugely popular and went on to sell over a million copies until it ceased production in the early 1980's.

Portobello Games set out on a mission to bring the toy back to life but needed to source a plastic injection moulding company who would be able to exactly replicate the high quality and brilliant colours of the original edition.


To ensure that the new edition would be produced to the same high standards, Portobello Games approached Wheatley Plastics, the original manufacturer of the toy. Wheatley Plastics worked with Portobello Games to produce a brand new set of tools that would ensure the new pieces would precisely replicate the original.

It was also able to formulate the same bright colours utilising the original dye recipes. Wheatley Plastics now fully manufactures and packs the toy and holds stock to enable a flexible approach to call off and delivery to distributors, tailored to meet Portobello Games' immediate requirements.


Wheatley Plastics' attention to detail and high quality production has enabled Portobello Games to launch a new edition of the PlayPlax toy that exactly matches the quality standards of the original. PlayPlax and its box continue to be manufactured in the UK and it looks set to become just as popular as it once was.

"Wheatley Plastics has been completely brilliant and very patient with me – I believe that they care about the PlayPlax product as much as I do and I have total confidence in what they do "

Lucy Baring
Portobello Games


Over the last 7 years, Wheatley Plastics have consistently been one of our top performing suppliers. Deliveries are always on time and accurate, with short lead-time requests being fully supported without...

Rhys Shaw
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