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How is Plastic Injection Moulding used in the Plumbing Industry?

Plastic injection moulding plays a pivotal role in the plumbing industry due to its ability to create complex geometries over and over again, crucial in this industry due to the need to have components which are an exact fit for their application.

A number of different components used in the plumbing industry can be made via plastic injection moulding, such as pipe fittings, valves, pipe connectors, drainage components, fixtures, pump components, insulation components, and water supply components to name a few.

The cost effectiveness of plastic injection moulding is a key advantage in the plumbing industry, allowing for plumbing components to be manufactured in large volumes, reducing the overall cost per unit compared to other manufacturing methods. Additionally, a range of materials can be used, allowing your plumbing components to be manufactured bespoke.

The Wheatley Plastics Solution

Wheatley Plastics understands that your plastic injection moulded parts for the plumbing industry should be cost effective and durable. Because of this, our team collaborates with our plumbing customers, allowing us to develop the most efficient solution to your plumbing problem. Additionally, Wheatley Plastics has a strong understanding of the different properties of plastics, allowing us to best advise you as to the best polymer to use for your specific application. Through continued investment in our production capabilities, Wheatley Plastics is able to ensure that our manufacturing processes are as efficient as possible. We are able to work closely with our plumbing customers, helping them convert metal plumbing components to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective plastic component solution.

About Wheatley Plastics

For 70 years, Wheatley Plastics has been a leading supplier of plastic injection moulding services with expertise across a wide range of industries including electronics, medical, packaging, construction, retail, and plumbing.

From our Stockport manufacturing site, we have the machine capacity to produce high-volume orders of small and large plastic products. Our team also has the expertise, patience and technical know-how to meet low-volume, high-value orders subject to customer needs.

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