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Injection Moulding for Medical Products

plastic injection moulding in the medical sector

Plastic injection moulding is a versatile method of creating bespoke and plastic products for medical applications. Lauded for its ability to deliver intricately designed products for expansive application purposes, injection moulding is vital to the medical sector.

Within the medical sector, it’s paramount that certain challenges are met. The use of surgical equipment that’s customised to the precise needs required by medical professionals, whilst exhibiting credible durability properties and be confidently used in high-risk circumstances, is one
such challenge. Injection moulding of medical products meets this challenge with ease.

From diagnostic apparatus to surgical equipment, tailored dental equipment to bespoke instruments, plastic injection moulding has a diverse range of applications for medical-grade plastics– especially when you consider that the minutest design feature or specialist tool can prove to
be vital in treating patients.

Interested in learning how plastic injection offers direct benefits to the medical sector and enhance the care that medical professionals can offer for their patients? Keep reading below.

Additive Manufacturing

Praised for its ability to achieve rapid initial samples, additive manufacturing is a staple injection moulding process for plastic medical products. The superior process means that plastic products can
be manufactured with precision offering the same, if not better, performance than their counterparts.

Manufacturers can further enhance plastic moulding for tailored and bespoke medical purposes by constructing development mould tooling for use for a specific section of a medical instrument or tool. Their re-usability means that significant cost-savings can be made – something that most NHS trusts will likely welcome.

plastic moulding in the NHS

Throughout the manufacturing process, samples can be produced in various thermoplastic grades of material. This pliability gives medical professionals a range of choice of application, tailoring plastic properties to a specific instrument purpose. Also, key features of a design can be developed which further enhances a plastic mould’s design. Individual design features can be honed to the minutest degree before going into mass production – something that can save much resource.

Tool Configuration

Companies who specialise in medical moulding must ensure that all plastic injection moulding is proficiently configured. This is the only way to make sure that the product design is seamless, both in aesthetics and practicality. Throughout the development process, manufacturers can tweak the design to specification, ensuring that the right amount cavities and tensile steel strength are selected.

Not only will this ensure that any medical plastic mould injection product is fit for purpose, but it will also bolster the lifespan of the tool. Moreover, the configuration is critical as it helps suppliers to meet requisite product volumes and meet any budgetary restrictions.

Trialing the Product

Upon completion of the medical tool or instrument, the last phase before mass production is performing a trial. This is the best way to make sure that plastic moulding meets any applicable standards whilst honing performance. Whether testing durability, tensile strength, flexibility or design features, rolling out any plastic moulding product without approval is ill-advised.

Due to the properties of plastic, instruments and tools tend to have a prolonged lifespan. However, that doesn’t mean that trialing the products shouldn’t be optimised. As with products across all sectors, once people have bought into a product and are comfortable with its performance, they remain loyal to that product.

New and improved versions of a medical instrument or tool may reach the market, however, once consumer confidence has been established the success of the product is more likely to be assured. In the medical sector – where life-changing solutions can be adopted – optimising the performance is requisite.

Medical Moulding Companies – Expertise at Every Stage

When creating something as important as medical grade plastics, it’s necessary to employ the services of a learned team with the acumen and experience to deliver products precisely to specification. You’ll need to have a products designer, material expert, mould tool manufacturer, plastic injection moulder and engineers of different disciplines. This is exactly what you have at Wheatley Plastics – a company that specialises in medical moulding.

machine operative at medical moulding company Wheatley Plastics

There are several factors that will need to be addressed throughout the manufacturing process, from design to moulding. Relying on the expertise of learned and experienced individuals is the surest way to circumvent any quandaries and create a bespoke or tailored medical plastic injection mould.

Whether the medical product needs to have microscopic detail or use a slightly harder plastic to achieve a secure, ‘snap’ fit, comprehensive scrutiny needs to be observed at each stage of the design and manufacture process. 

Though specifications can be varied, each stage of the manufacturing process will be carefully monitored. From emphasising the ease of use securing tool or instrument longevity, expertise will need to be observed at every stage of the design and manufacturing process to achieve – something
that Wheatley Plastics champions.

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