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Plastic Injection Moulding in One Day

Wheatley Plastics has been based in Stockport in North-West England for more than 60 years. And in that time, we have been asked to manufacture almost anything you can conceive of.

That’s part of the beauty of plastic injection moulding. It can be used to create everything, including hygiene-sensitive medical equipment, hard-wearing construction equipment and to safe toys plastic children.

The evidence of plastic injection moulding is all around us. You can’t sit in a car, relax in your living room or dine out in a restaurant without seeing the impact that plastic injection moulding machines have had on modern environments.

To demonstrate how much of the modern world is built using the process of plastic injection moulding, we have highlighted just five of the things that you can probably see right now, wherever you are.


One thing we can guarantee you have done today is turn a light on, or off.  At the very start of the day the lights go on before you come downstairs to go through the morning routine: pushing the toast down in your toaster, turning on the coffee maker, all in the course of starting your day.  Now imagine doing any of that without those plastic switches because yes, they are made from injection moulded plastics.

So before you even get out of the house, the whole day would be ruined without the reliability and consistent performance of those plastic injection devices.


You’re out of the house and you’re in the car.  You put the car into reverse and head confidently into the neighbour’s wheelie bin.  Oopf!  But worry not… your car has a bumper and yes, that bumper is made from plastic injection moulding, so all is well.

You’ll also see some plastic injection moulded components when you switch Chris Evans on in the car. The button, dashboard – even the plastic cup holder, all were probably made using a plastic injection moulding machine.


OK, we’ve had enough of Chris Evans… time to put some music on.  If your car plays CDs, then the CD case, the CD surround in the dash… even the CDs themselves… are very probably made from plastic injection moulding.

Same goes if you are going to settle down to a box set marathon. DVDs and cases are also made with a plastic injection moulding machine.


You’ve finished your coffee, but you’ve still got part of your journey to go.  No worries, you still have a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.  Luckily for you, the water in your bottle of Evian isn’t all over your car and that is because of the cap on the top… the plastic injection moulded cap.


OK… a slight sidestep here because of course, we hope you don’t necessarily need any medicines in the course of your day, but if you do need, say, a vitamin… the container for those vitamins may well have been made using plastic injection moulding.

And think of those who are indeed having a stay in hospital, because the medical profession relies on plastics more than any other material.  Plastic is, of course, cleaner and therefore more sanitary.  It is also much lighter than other materials, and therefore versatile and adaptable.  Also cheaper, plastic items are also easily replaceable, also aiding hygiene.

The day’s over and you’re back home.  Just look back and review all the things you have encountered in one day – from the smallest and most intricate to the larger and complex – that have made been made using plastic injection moulding.

Life would be very different without it…

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