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Why Plastic Injection Moulding is Effective

Injection moulded spoon

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most popular techniques for manufacturing plastic components.  In simple terms, plastic pellets are fed into a heated barrel where they melted and passed through into the mould shaped for the chosen product, where it hardens.

There are lots of reasons why plastic injection moulding is so effective and we have chosen five to share with you today.


There are many uses of plastic injection moulding, which makes it incredibly adaptable.  For instance, you can swiftly switch the colour of the plastic being manufactured and you also change the quality of the plastic itself.  Fillers can easily be added in the moulding process, for instance, to reinforce the strength of the finished product, making this a great choice for the manufacture of high-strength plastic.


By this we mean it really is a very common manufacturing process, behind many of the products we use in our everyday lives.  As well as ubiquitous, it is also efficient and therefore eco-friendly: You only need to pour as much plastic as you need, so there is minimal waste.  Further, what plastic waste there is can be gathered and reused, all considerations that might be foregrounded in a society keen to see plastics used efficiently and resourcefully.


Plastic injection moulding has long been popular and commonly used, notably in extended manufacturing runs, because it is both a fast, and accurate, process.  Obviously in terms of speed this very much depends on the product being manufactured but speeds might be around 20 seconds between mouldings.   In terms of accuracy, plastic injection moulding can be used to make almost any kind of plastic product, with an accuracy precision of 0.005 inches.


Progressing from accuracy, plastic injection moulding is also popular because the final plastic part will appear fully formed and finished.   In other words, the final product will have the desired finish, in terms of, for instance, smoothness, and in almost all circumstances there will therefore be no need for further finishing or treatment.  This helps for efficiency of manufacture and also our final point… cost.


There are various cost savings associated with plastic injection moulding.  Firstly, as we have detailed it is an efficient process – for example using co-injection moulding means you can manufacture different plastic products at the same time.  Also, the machinery is designed to run almost automatically, so minimal supervision is needed, leading to lower staff costs.  However, the key to the process is that while the construction of the mould can, in the first instance, be costly, once it’s running you can manufacture plastic products at high volume and comparatively low cost.  Talking brass tacks… if you opt for other forms of plastic machining you could be looking at over 20 times the cost of using plastic injection moulding.

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